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Credentialing and Medical Privileges System

Credentialing is a process to set the standards and to do an evaluation for a person’s qualification in a field or procedure. It is recognition for the professional training done by a medical practitioner.

Privileges are the rights given by the hospital for a medical practitioner to give treatments or to do procedures on hospital patients based on the qualifications of the training, and the medical practitioner’s experience and expertise.

Reasons for system development:

  1. To facilitate the applicant to apply for the credential and to know the status of the application.
  2.  To facilitate the committee members to generate a complete information for the evaluation and the result of the evaluation.
  3. To facilitate the committee to generate the applicants’ information and to generate a report for the stakeholders such as the management and the auditors.

Target Users:

  1. Medical Practitioners.

Webmaster Information:

Any problem/enquiry, please contact webmaster for Credentialing & Medical Privileges:
Pn. Sherda Bt Rusland (03-9145 6486)
Pn. Aida Azween Bt Abd Rahman (03-9145 5140)

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